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Welcome to Ernest Mind,

A blog site dedicated to idea generation and thought provocation – opening the minds & eyes of all passersby’s.

Weekly posts range from personal finance & opinion pieces, investment ideas, entrepreneurial need-to-knows, and mind candy – these being the books I read and online content I come across that are worth a share. My hopes are to equip you with the tools & insights necessary for success in whatever you may pursue.

I encourage you to browse the site, you may learn an idea or two that will help you on the road ahead. All posts are written by myself –  if there are topics you’d like to see covered I’d be glad to research & report.

When I’m not reading or writing (practically always), you can catch me long-distance running, chewing over ideas in coffee-shops, golfing, or finding new ways to engage with the world around me. You can follow these other aspects of my life on my Instagram page – @ernestmind_blog.

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