Stock Talk Series: Intro

I’ve never been a fan of analyst projections or media stock picks. I’ve always been under the impression that if they were as good at picking as they claim, they wouldn’t be working anymore, especially not with the goal of helping joes like you and I.

Stock Talk is my way of putting out companies I’m following, why I like/don’t like them, why I invested/am planning too/stayed away, and why you might want to take a look. This is by no means a formal recommendation, just a way of strumming ideas. Additionally, Stock Talk is a way for me to start a conversation and get feedback.

If you agree with my picks and reasonings, tell me. If you think I’m the most uneducated investor of our generation, tell me.

The goal of this topic is to learn how others derive value and to offer my hand at investing. I’m not here to make you rich, just hopefully to get you on the right path.

Stock Talk posts will be made periodically, whenever I find a few interesting ideas that I believe are worth sharing.

Stay tuned.

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