Notebooks as an Asset

For the past 2 years, I’ve kept a notebook with me to write down ideas, quotes, and concepts that I find important, and from time to time, I’ll skim through it for inspiration. The constant writing of ideas allows me to keep track of different opportunities (it would be impossible to remember them all – the average human mind has between 50-70K thoughts per day), and the quotes (both my own and learned) help to instil my core values.

Today I want to offer an idea to you, hoping that you’ll try it out (even for a few weeks) to see how helpful it can be.

Go to chapters and buy a notebook, or find one laying around, and title it “Business Archives” — something of that sort. This book will be a place for you to grow, learn, and establish a better understanding of your opportunities/strengths.

From each day on, make it a point to write down 3 new ideas and 1 new quote in the notebook. These ideas don’t need to be revolutionary, they can be as simple as a new restaurant or tech product, maybe even something that happened today that you thought could be improved on — make it better! The whole point of this exercise is to train your brain to be active and to focus on innovation and development, and you’ll notice that after a few weeks/months the ideas will be flowing onto the pages. The habit of thinking and writing will become second nature and you’ll be zoned in to your respective field (whether it be investment ideas/startup ideas), allowing for a huge mental advantage.

The purpose of the 1-quote is to keep track of how your outlooks shift and to better understand what motivates you. You should always keep track of quotes from others that inspire you, but make it a point to write down quotes from yourself (ones you’ve thought of/live by). These quotes will eventually work as a roadmap for your leadership/entrepreneurial/investment style and will help guide your decision making. After a while, you should be able to summarize these quotes and develop your life mission statement (what you want to achieve in life & what values support it).

Note: It’s important not to define your life or decision making through the quotes of others, they should be there for support and used as a crutch through growth. You need to develop your own opinions and values, living accordingly. To completely contradict what I just said however, Winston Churchill phrased it best — “It is a great thing for an uneducated man to read a book of quotations.”

Get a notebook small enough to carry when you’re out. You should allow the ideas and inspiration to come at any time — always prepared to jot them down.

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