Routine Value

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” – Mike Murdock

Consider your daily routines and the time/effort involved in their processes. Are they starting you off on the right foot for productive days? Are they putting you in a proper frame of mind and saving you time/headache? If not, seriously consider the following.

In order to be a successful person, you need to have properly aligned routines — simple as that. They often get lost in the noise of a busy day, but you must know that they are small/easy enough to be quickly fixed and that they will have a massive impact on your productivity levels.

The idea that routines are mundane, mindless acts is far from the truth. Your routines will take up approximately 50% of your time, and the way you spend that 50% will have a huge effect on your life’s outcome. Try out a few of the tips below and see how much good proper routines can bring.

  1. Wake up fast
    • Understand that wasting time laying in bed only hurts you – getting up and out quickly will lessen drag and allow for a positive start.
    • Keep a glass of water beside your bed and drink the entire thing the moment you wake up – it’ll provide you a boost to get out of bed fast.
  2. Streamline your morning ritual – leave out all decision-making tasks to ensure efficiency (less time & mind consuming)
    • Prepare your clothes/meals/plans the night before to ease morning.
    • Cut time wasting – no need for a 20-minute shower/etc.
  3. Prepare a checklist at night (game plan)
    • You should outline your daily plans/goals the night before so you don’t need to waste time in the morning thinking about them — you can dive straight into work.
  4. Plan for a workout/proper breakfast
    • You should try and workout (if even only for half an hour) each morning. It will get your body well prepared for the productive day ahead – don’t waste time in the process though (i.e on your phone/slacking off).
    • If working out isn’t an option/preference, make sure to have a healthy breakfast – it will energize your body and mind for the tasks ahead.
  5. Set a sleep schedule (most important to me)
    • A proper schedule that gets you into and out of bed at the same time each day will bring massive value. It may take some time to adjust (21-days according to research), but once aligned it will be your best friend.
    • A sleep schedule will allow for far better sleep quality and much more morning energy.

Although a lot to start with, try implementing a few of these into your daily routine over time. Once set, you’ll notice that your schedule becomes far less hectic and your body & mind become far more useful.

Happy routining.



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