Monthly Bookshelf: February 2018

Think before you speak. Read before you think. – Fran Lebowitz

I can’t stress enough how valuable reading is, especially for the process of self-development and knowledge acquisition. It’s important to keep the learning process alive through the lessons and experiences of others and my bookshelves aim to provide you with some potential content. For this months bookshelf, I’m going to briefly go over two novels, one I’m in the process of reading and one I finished in January. Take a look below and see if either of the pieces intrigue you, my hope is that they’ll offer some new insight and get your reading-train in motion.

February Read:


My read for the month of February is The Gray Rhino by Michele Wucker, a novel about recognizing and acting on the obvious dangers we ignore. The Novel works as somewhat of a support piece to Nassim Talib’s The Black Swan as it puts emphasis on problems and the resolution processes of them. However, unlike The Black Swan, The Gray Rhino revolves around issues that are set in plain sight; issues that we don’t pay much attention too until they are trampling right over us. As opposed to seeing the warning signs and mitigating damage, we often leave ourselves vulnerable and inevitably end up spending time and money to clean the aftermath of the tragedy.

Although only a few chapters into the book, Wucker has done a fantastic job of highlighting several examples in which the case of the Gray Rhino remains true, emphasizing how the warning signs could have been seen and giving potential options for avoidance. Ranging from things such as the Enron scandal, 2008 Financial Crisis, and the NASA Challenger Explosion, Wucker puts emphasis on the prevention of history repeating itself and outlines quite clearly how situations can be better managed.

I’ll give a small summation in my March edition after the novel is completed, until then though I’m confidently listing this book as a must-read for anyone interested in both business/investment & every-day crisis avoidance.

Recent Reads:


During the month of January, I had the opportunity to complete Mark Manson’s newest mind-twisting book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Received as a gift, I read the novel with an open mind and entertained the ideas brought up by Manson, leading to a true resonation with the core fundamentals of the novel. Manson talks all about the importance of emotional control & management, the essence of the book being you only have a finite amount of fucks to give and thus you must use them sparingly.

Infused with humor, tons of relatable stories, and some really insightful/self-questioning concepts, Manson produces a piece that will help make you a better entrepreneur, investor, and individual. The chapters start by bringing to light a lot of the issues & unpleasant realities that many live with but are unable to face, shedding light on the value of acceptance and self-awareness. Manson then explains some tactics for better handling yourself, drilling in his point with personal experiences and helpful tips.

As a relatively short read, I recommend this novel to anyone and everyone, regardless of interest or field of study. It’s a book that will open your eyes to a better understanding of yourself and the way you work, a very important part of living a successful life.

See you in March!

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