We’re all busy people – some more than others – but busy nonetheless.  We must make a point of consuming valuable information during the daily hustle and bustle, and since reading a book/blog or consuming video content may not always be a viable option, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to equipping you with the latest and greatest in podcast content.

I am an avid listener of podcasts, constantly doing my best to consume at least one or two episodes a day – maybe via my morning commute, walking from place to place, or while eating a meal. Podcasts are great because they enable you to learn without taking away the ability to perform other daily actions – primarily the mindless ones. With the current popularity of them, it isn’t hard to find a podcast that is perfect for you, regardless of what you’re interested in learning about. I’m outlining a few of my favourites below to get you on the right track, browse the podcast shelves/online reviews to expand your personal library.

Before we start, I’d also like to say that similar to other sources of information, podcasts will require your attention – this being true if you intend to actually learn from the material (we all know what psychologists say about multi-tasking). The ones listed below are pretty heavy in terms of content, and I recommend you listen to them wisely (or at least when you aren’t required to perform any other deep-thinking tasks) in order to experience the full effect.

Let’s dive right in.

Podcast 1: Ted Radio Hour

Ted Radio Hour is my current content addiction. Guy Raz hosts the NPR show that fills hour-long episodes with perspective-altering ideas, including snippets from TedTalks on stage and actual interviews with those same speakers. The podcast does a great job of picking a topic of discussion and blending together a variety of perspectives from different individuals – all who attack it from new and interesting angles. This podcast is wholeheartedly recommended to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge base.

Favourite Episodes:

Nudge ~ What it takes to effectively adjust your habits.

The Money Paradox ~ Why humans are so bad with money.

Maslow’s Human Needs ~ What you actually need in order to live a good life.

Podcast 2: Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) by How Stuff Works is an all-time favourite of mine. Josh and Chuck host the humorous/educational show that dissects each and every topic you can imagine. From understanding things such as Wine Fraud and Socialism, or learning about why we swear, they take a new topic every episode, perform extensive research on it, and give you everything you need to know in just under an hour. These episodes are packed with quality content and with over 300 available you can keep your ears busy for quite some time.

Favourite Episodes:

Narcissism: But What About Me? ~ Get over yourself.

What Exactly is Stoicism? ~ It’s all about the perspective you take.

How Seed Banks Work ~ Learn a little more about the currency of the future.

Browse through Apple Podcasts/Spotify (or whatever music provider you use) and see what shows you can find.

You won’t regret it.

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